The synthesis of the strength of the Banca Generali Group with the Swiss experience and efficiency of Valeur Fiduciaria SA: these are the roots of BG Valeur where the values of integrity, responsibility and long-term vision reside.
Values that guide us in our behaviors and interactions with our customers. We are inspired by Banca Generali's sustainability principles that underpin our ESG approach, and we are therefore fully committed to offering innovative solutions that are attentive to People and the Community.

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy outlines the process put in place to identify, assess and manage risks and opportunities related to ESG factors, i.e. environmental, social and related to the good governance of organizations, consistent with our goal of fostering sustainable development of business activities and generate lasting value. In particular, it defines the rules for

→ Identify, assess and manage ESG factors that may present risks and opportunities for the achievement of corporate objectives;
→ Identify, assess and manage the positive and negative impacts that corporate decisions and activities may have on the external environment and on the legitimate interests of stakeholders.

Our values are inspired by those of the Banca Generali Group

Deliver on the promise

We want to build a long-term relationship of trust with people: employees, customers and stakeholders. The objective of our work is to improve our customers’ lives, turning a promise into reality.

Live the community

We are proud to belong to a Group that operates throughout the world with a major focus on social responsibility matters. We feel at home in all markets.

Value our people

We give value to people, promote diversity and invest in encouraging ongoing learning and professional growth to create an environment that is transparent, collaborative and accessible to all.

Be open

We are curious, proactive and dynamic people with open, diverse minds that want to look at the world from another viewpoint.

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