About Us

BG Valeur is a wealth management company formed under Swiss law and operating on the Swiss market. As part of its wealth management activity, through screening of the best market opportunities and customised investment solutions, it offers a high quality professional service aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of its clients.

Bespoke Solutions

BG Valeur offers households unique solutions for growing their wealth and managing the risk component. The solidity of Banca Generali and the experience of Valeur Fiduciaria come together to develop innovative wealth management solutions capable of overcoming complex challenges in an uncertain, volatile environment.

Our History

Banca Generali è una banca private leader in Italia nella pianificazione finanziaria e nella tutela patrimoniale dei clienti, forte di una rete di consulenti-private bankers ai vertici del settore per competenze e professionalità. La strategia di Banca Generali si caratterizza per l'unicità della sua offerta che abbraccia prodotti bancari, soluzioni d'investimento, advisory e servizi esclusivi e personalizzati nell'ambito del wealth management, con una particolare attenzione all’innovazione digitale e alla sostenibilità. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, it is a 50.1 percent subsidiary of the Assicurazioni Generali Group-synonymous for more than 180 years with international solidity and security-manages more than €83.1 billion as of Dec. 31, 2022 on behalf of clients.
Valeur is a Swiss wealth management company founded in Lugano in 2009 thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Alida Carcano and Dario Micheli, who together with other private banking and investment banking professionals decided to devote their expertise to helping private banking and institutional clients achieve their financial goals. By screening the best opportunities on the market and offering bespoke investment solutions, Valeur Fiduciaria provides radically innovative, independent service in an environment of fully aligned interests.
* For information on the risks generally associated with Financial Instruments, please also refer to the Swiss Bankers Association brochure "Risks in Trading Financial Instruments," also attached to the Financial Services Agreement and available at following link.
  • BG Valeur2019

    Incorporation of BG Valeur
  • Banca Generali2018

    New partnership with Saxo Bank: incorporation of BG Saxo
  • BG Valeur2016

    Inauguration of the Locarno office
  • Banca Generali2014

    Acquisition of Credit Suisse’s private-banking business line in Italy
  • Valeur2014

    Inclusion in the Swiss Sustainable Finance’s network
  • Valeur2013

    Partnership with the Bocconi University and participation into the Asia Conference
  • Valeur2011 - 2010

    Opening of the Chiasso representative office
  • Banca Generali2009

    Incorporation of Generali Fund Management (GFM)
  • Valeur2009

    Incorporation of Valeur Fiduciaria
  • Banca Generali2008

    Acquisition of Banca del Gottardo Italia
  • Banca Generali2006

    Acquisition of BG SGR and Banca BSI Italia Listing on Borsa Italiana
  • Banca Generali2005

    Acquisition of Intesa Fiduciaria
  • Banca Generali2003

    Acquisition of Banca Primavera
  • Banca Generali2000

    Incorporation of Banca Generali
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